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What's a Vegepod!?

Spring is fully underway and it's that time of year that we dust off the garden gloves for another go at growing our own herbs and veggies! If you've managed to be one of the lucky and talented few in growing your own food, chances are you overcame a lot of obstacles to get there - only to discover the birds and bugs have helped themselves to your hard-earned labour of love.

The Australian designed Vegepod takes all the frustration out of growing, each feature is a solution to ensure abundance of herbs and veggies. Regular and first time growers will wonder why they never did this before - because nothing taste more delicious than something you grew yourself!


Say whaaaat? Yes, it's self watering! So pack your suitcase and go on that holiday stress-free knowing that when you get back, your herbs and veggies will still be THRIVING! The wicking technology stores all the water in the reservoir at the base, keeping your soil moist and wet. Your plants will wick that water back up when as they need it.

Water saving

Depending on the size pod you get, the reservoir can hold between 16 - 64 liters of water which means you save up to 80% more water than a normal vege patch with no water wastage - now that's water-wise!

Mist irrigation

Each Vegepod comes standard with it's own irrigation system. Just clip your hose pipe in and let the fine mist spray do its thing.

Protective mesh

This feature is so great for so many reasons! This commercial grade mesh has a 17% shade cloth, protecting your veggies from that extra harsh UV exposure but still allowing the maximum amount of sun for ultimate growing. Its permeable, so if it's raining, you don't have to water your Vegepod at all. It also keeps out the harsh weather elements, no more strong wind, rain and hail ruining your crop. We saved the best for last - it keeps all the pests out! No more sharing with the birds, bugs, cats, dogs or any other pest that gets to your food before you do.

We've only just touched base with what the Vegepod can offer. If you would like to know more info on some of the other features such as waist-level stands and container gardening or even about what the pod is made of, or all the things you can grow in it, head on over to What Is a Vegepod or onto our Frequently Asked Quesitons

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