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Let's talk about soil quality

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Vegepod has been taking care of all your growing hurdles - using 80% less water? Check. Protecting from bugs and strong weather elements? Check. All the benefits of container gardening? Check.  Now what?

Lets talk about soil health.

This one's up to you! It's important to remember that soil is a living and dynamic ecosystem in itself and is one of the most important control factors when it comes to successfully growing your own food. While native vegetation are adapted to their soils, most garden crops prefer fertile soil high in organic matter with a host of minor nutrients to fuel plant growth. 

The good news

The beauty of the Vegepod is that you get all the benefits of container gardening. Being confined to a designated small area ensures the nutrients and fertilisers are not being lost in the ground or absorbed by neighbouring plants.  Even better news, creating your own organic matter is super easy for you to do without much effort, right at home! In South Africa, 10 million tonnes of food go to waste every year. It's actually an easy solution when you think about it - we can transform that waste into incredibly useful organic matter (and your plants will love you for it!).

Our top tips and ideas for the perfect growing:

1. Buying good quality potting mix from the beginning. It's not expensive and sometimes spending those extra few rands can save you time and money from fixing poor quality soil. 2. Mix in compost before you plant, and top up when you are replanting for new seasons. One bag for the small / medium pods and two bags for the large pod. Don't mix it too deep, perhaps under your last layer of potting soil. We also LOVE Talbourne Organics products, which you can find at any garden center. 3. Create your own worm farm. Angus from Vegepod Australia put together a super easy and inexpensive way to build your own worm farm in the Vegepod. Take a look below!

4.Make your own compost from kitchen scraps. So many products to help you do this but one of our favourites is the YOLO.

5. Learn. There is no secret to growing your own food, just trial and error and getting somethings right from the beginning. Sometimes weird stuff just happens and your neightbour will grow perfect radishes and you will have a leafy crop with no bulbs. There  is always a reason - you just need to find it. Good luck and learn to enjoy. You will have success.

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