All Vegepods and stands come packed in heavy duty cardboard boxes - easy for our couriers to deliver. Inside each is printed out instructions to assemble your Vegepod and stand. If you would prefer step-by-step video instructions, please refer to the videos below.

POD ASSEMBLY - 22 min watching time

1. Setting out the base trays

3. Building the wall

5. Attaching the wicking wells

7. Mist spray assembly

9. Attaching the hinge clips

2. Joining the base trays

4. Connecting wall to base

6. Assembling the canopy

8. Putting canopy mesh on

10. Attaching canopy strings

11. Adding soil mix

REGULAR STAND - 5 min watching time

1. Joining cross braces

3. Attaching last 2 angle cross braces

2. Attaching corner braces

4. Attaching legs

TROLLEY STAND - 8 min watching time

1. Joining cross brace tubes to angle cross braces 

3. Attaching last 2 angle cross braces

5. Adding the base and trolley tubes

2. Attaching the corner braces

4. Attaching the trolley legs

6. Attaching wheels